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Emergency Services

Homeless Crisis Response Program (HCRP) Region 13

The Homeless Crisis Response Program (HCRP) helps individuals and families break free from homelessness. Homeless households are rapidly moved out of emergency shelter or homelessness and into permanent housing.

The program serves individuals and families who would likely remain homeless without assistance. Assistance is provided to help households obtain affordable housing and to increase self-sufficiency.

Compliance with case management is required to receive assistance.

HCRP does not provide long term rent or mortgage assistance. It is not intended to serve those who need long term and/or intensive support. Households must be screened to determine eligibility based on program requirements and level of need.

HCRP Services

The goal of the HCRP program is to promote housing stability. Every household assisted by the program is provided case management to help them identify needs, establish a safe living situation, and to create a plan that connects them to the resources needed to help them obtain and maintain housing.

Each household's case plan may include:

  • Case Management;
  • Referrals to housing opportunities;
  • Referrals to community resources;
  • Referrals to employment and/or training educational opportunities;
  • Assistance with applying for Job and Family Services Benefits;
  • Budgeting Assistance.

HCRP may be able to assist with rent, security and utility deposits. HCRP staff attempts to assist all households with locating affordable housing whenever possible. However, there is no guarantee that we will be able to locate housing for everyone.

Who is served?

Individuals and families who have:

  • Income from employment, other sources, or a plan to sustain financially;
  • No other housing options such as family or friends;
  • No financial resources and support networks needed to obtain immediate housing;
  • Head of household who is at least 18 years old.

Rapid Re-Housing (RH)

Designed to provide financial assistance and case management to enable literally homeless individuals and homeless families to become and remain stably housed.

Must meet literally homeless definition:

  • Sleeping in a place not meant for human habitation (car, tent, etc.);
  • Residing in an emergency shelter;
  • Timing out or graduating from transitional housing;
  • In a hospital or institution for up to 90 days (but homeless prior to entry);
  • Fleeing domestic violence;
  • Living in a motel/hotel paid for by federal, state or local government programs, or paid by charitable organizations.

Required Documentation

Once you have an appointment with a case manager, please bring the following documents with you:

  • Photo I.D.;
  • Written proof of all income received by everyone in the household during the past 90 days:
    • Wages;
    • Child support;
    • TANF assistance;
    • Disability assistance;
    • Unemployment;
    • SS, SSI and SSDI Income;
    • VA Pension.
  • Insurance cards for all household members and food stamp verification;
  • Proof of residency, including eviction notice, shelter referral, proof of address, landlord agreements or other documentation;
  • Social Security cards of family members;
  • Birth certificates for all family members;
  • Current and past due utility bills, if applicable;
  • Recent statements for all financial accounts such as checking and savings accounts;
  • Section 8 voucher (verification), if applicable;
  • Other documentation may be required for approval.

How do I apply?

Contact Kristalyn Bush

Community Action Partnership Darke County

1469 Sweitzer Street

Greenville, OH 45331

(937) 548-8143


Senior Commodities

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program is offered to seniors 60 years and older every month. This program provides about 40 pounds of food to qualifying households and contains cereal, milk, cheese, canned fruits, vegetables and juices, canned meats, peanut butter, rice or pasta. You may qualify if you are 60 years or older and your gross monthly income for a 1-person household is $1,276 or less; 2-person household, $1,726 or less; and 3-person household, $2,177 or less. Senior residents of Darke County can call Community Action Partnership, (937) 548-8143 Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., to schedule an appointment.

Emergency Homeless Shelter

The Homeless Shelter houses persons left homeless due to fire, eviction, or other unfortunate circumstances. The maximum stay for an individual is 14 days, and 30 days for families. Greenville residents should contact the Greenville Police Department at (937) 548-1103. Darke County residents should contact the Darke County Sheriff’s Department at (937) 548-3399. This program provides a temporary living situation and requires residents to look for a permanent solution to their housing problems.

The community has responded to our request for donations in support of the Darke County Emergency Homeless Shelter. In addition to monetary donations, we have received donations of beds, bath towels, wash cloths, sheets and various kitchen items.

A youth group from Ansonia United Methodist Church held a fundraiser that earned $400 for the shelter. We are thankful for all these donations, but more needs to be done.

Community Action Partnership of Darke County has been the owner/operator of the Darke County Emergency Homeless Shelter since 1988. The shelter is located on the second floor of a two-story house within walking distance of downtown Greenville. A communal kitchen and 1-1/2 baths are available for sharing. There are three bedrooms, providing room for eight persons, including a baby bed.

The Emergency Homeless Shelter is currently in need of new furnishings and appliances and is reaching out to our partners in the community for assistance to achieve this goal. Specifically needed items include an electric range, large capacity heavy duty clothes washer, appliances, new beds, dressers, baby crib and wooden rocking chairs.

The Darke County Emergency Homeless Shelter also accepts any monetary donations towards the purchase of these items. We have set a goal of $6,500 to help offset the estimated costs we have raised approximately 25% of our goal to date.

During 2014, 81 adults and 24 children were housed in the shelter, totaling 1,541 nights. They were provided 3,082 meals. From January to December 1, 2015, 87 individuals, 30 of which were children, were sheltered, totaling 1,645 nights with 3,290 meals provided.

Community Action Partnership Darke County staff assists clients in finding appropriate services necessary to move them into permanent shelter. Funding is provided by the local United Way, the Homeless Crisis Response Grant and through private donations.

For more information regarding the Darke County Emergency Homeless Shelter, contact Carol Littman, Office Manager for Community Action Partnership Darke County at (937) 548-8143, ext. 206.

Salvation Army

Limited funds are available to assist transient and local persons in need. Funds are used for gas money for travelers, unexpected expenses for families, and other items to help people help themselves. Darke County does not service Salvation Army stores; therefore, we do not have a pick-up service for clothes or other items.

Community Action Partnership
Darke County
1469 Sweitzer Street
Greenville, OH 45331
(937) 548-8143

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